Sunday, April 30, 2006

Some Fixes for Version 0.9.5 are Now Available

We have been hard at work in the last week, incorporating the great feedback we have received for the latest release and we are glad to announce that version is now available for download.

All users are encouraged to upgrade and especially users of the DLink DSM 320 for which major issues with firmware 1.07 have been fixed for online content.

See a full list of changes here and download the latest release here.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

TVersity Media Server version 0.9.5 is out

We are happy to announce the newest release of the TVersity Media Server, version 0.9.5. With this release we once again break new grounds by allowing owners of any UPnP A/V enabled network device to subscribe to Audio/Image/Video Podcasts and Blogs and play the enclosed media disregarding the codec limitations of their device.

While audio blogs typically contain mp3 files and image blogs typicaly contain jpegs, both formats that any media hub can handle, video blogs are mostly in an iPod Video compatile format which happens to be incompatible with most media hubs. This is not an issue for TVersity due to its built in transcoder which allows an on the fly conversion of those videos to a format supported by the target device.

In addition to podcasts and blogs the new release connects your media hub to Internet resources such as Flickr, Yahoo! Video Search, Google Video Search, Webjay and more. With this much content available for playback with a click of your remote, the media adapter you purchased is finally worth it!

You can find the full list of changes in this new release here, and a brief discussion of what those changes allow you to do here. In the next couple of days we intend to follow up with some quick tutorails for using the new Internet feeds and advanced playlists features so stay tuned.