Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the fly transcoding for the iPhone/iPad is here

We are pleased to announce the release of TVersity Media Server 1.9 featuring:

Pro Edition
  • Transcoding to H.264 is now supported and so is HTTP Live Streaming.
  • On the fly transcoding for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch including transcoding of local media and web content.
  • Full support for the iPad.

All Editions
  • Revamped iPod/iPad interface with support for:
    • Move to next item automatically when playing music.
    • Keyword search.

  • Add some user contributed device profiles (mainly Blu-ray players and connected TVs).

  • Transcoding of FLV with H264, and of MPEG2 transport streams is supported.

Once again we are pushing the boundaries of what a home media server is, and incorporating into TVersity features that are typically found in high-end enterprise level streaming solutions.

The videos embedded in this post are demonstrating some of the features above.

One byproduct of this release is that you now have more reasons than ever to go pro. In case you do not know what are exactly the differences, the table below may prove helpful:

On the fly transcodingexcept iPad/iPhone/iPodYes
Transcode to H.264NoYes
YouTubeexcept premium web contentYes
Other premium web contentNoYes
iPad/iPhone/iPod touchMusic and PhotosMusic, Photos and Video
Xbox 360YesYes
Annual MaintenanceN/A50% (optional for an additional year of free updates)

Full release notes are here.

Download latest version here.