Thursday, November 27, 2008

1.0 RC5 is here + TVersity on Facebook

Our fifth release candidate is out - this is a bug fix release, designed to address many known issues so that we can finally emerge out of beta.

Your feedback in the next couple of days will determine whether we can make an official 1.0 release or need an additional set of fixes.

A few weeks ago we got an email from James Leenheer, who wrote a review about TVersity in, trying to find out how come we do not have a page on Facebook. After learning what a page on Facebook is, and with a lot of help from James, we now have one.

If you use Facebook, you should check it out and you should definitely become a fan. You will get a chance to meet other TVersity users and exchange ideas in a social environment.

Here is a link:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election day live on TVersity

There are many online sources out there offering live video coverage of the election day, many of which can be watched via TVersity on your networked devices (game consoles, mobiles, etc.).

For your convenience we are listing below a few live streams from the CNN, if you have other streams please comment to this post and if they are indeed compatible with TVersity we will add them to this post for the benefit of all.

CNN Live Election Day Coverage (click to subscribe via TVersity):
CNN Election Day 1
CNN Election Day 2
CNN Election Day 3
CNN Election Day 4

In case you prefer the media URLs (drag and drop to the TVersity UI):
Election Day 1
Election Day 2
Election Day 3
Election Day 4