Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Fixes for Version 0.9.6 are Now Available

We are glad to announce that version of the TVersity server is now available for download.

With this release it is now easy to email an RSS URL published via the TVersity server to designated recipients, making it very easy to share multimedia content with friends and family members.

See a full list of changes here and download the latest release here.

Friday, June 09, 2006

TVersity Media Server version 0.9.6 is out

We are happy to announce the newest release of the TVersity Media Server, release 0.9.6. With this release we once again break new grounds by adding support for non UPnP A/V devices and allowing one to access content on the TVersity server from mobile devices including the Sony PSP, mobile phones and even iTunes.

We also added support for additional UPnP A/V compliant devices including the Sony Vaio VGP-MR100U. We now do image resizing on the fly and therefore can display thumbnales for images. And we also allow devices of different make and model to access the server simultaneously.

One more noteworthy feature (besides the usual bug fixes and other minor improvements) is the ability to publish a portion of your media library as an RSS feed and subscribe to it from any Podcast manager such as Juice or iTunes (and from their download it to your iPod). You can even subscribe to a feed published by one installation of the TVersity server from another installation, making it possible to synchronize content with friends and family and access this content on your device of choice.

We would like to recommend a service called hamachi to easily establish a secure virtual private network, for users that wish to synchronize some content between two installations of TVersity.

You can find the full list of changes in this new release here.
You can download the the new release here.